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A Better Approach to Compliance – Pervasive Governance

March 5, 2012

Compliance easily tops the list of concerns for business leaders, regardless of industry.   To understand why, you just need to look at the headlines – fraud, theft of customer data, lost information, industrial espionage, and the disclosures from Wikileaks. The tremendous growth of information combined with increased regulation, makes it easy to see the incredible pressure organizations are under to reduce risk. Yet, 77% of organizations today still do not have enforced retention policies over their paper and electronic information (according to AIIM).

But there is an even greater set of compliance challenges affecting organizations – driven by the demands of the New User.  These “New Users” are people in the workforce who have become much more mobile, social and increasingly reliant on cloud applications to drive greater productivity and organizational responsiveness.  As a result, information no longer rests just within the 4-walls of the organization; it’s extended out to remote offices, and contractors and now SaaS-based applications. It’s stored in file shares, desktops, laptops, paper archives, portable media and out to tablets and smartphones and other mobile devices.   IT now faces the daunting challenge of balancing the benefits of this new choice computing model against the overriding corporate obligation to manage and protect information – regardless of its location.  As a result, (more…)

The IIG Strategy: Our Commitment To Innovation

February 6, 2012

My last post resulted in healthy discussion, so check out this brief interview with Rohit Ghai, our head of products, and Chris Preston.  Rohit details the IIG Strategy.

Our Commitment to Innovation

January 23, 2012

What’s great about the culture we have at EMC, is that it’s driven by one simple imperative when it comes to our customers and trusted partners – to ensure you’re given all the information and insight you need to make successful mission critical business decisions. We hope that our competitors follow the same train of thought. However, in recent weeks, we’ve discovered that this is clearly not the case with Oracle. Some false information has been put out there in an attempt to disrupt one of the most stable, valuable and trusted assets that our customers have, Documentum. Normally, I don’t respond to sales and marketing theatrics because competition is a good thing. However in this case, I feel compelled to respond, so you can assess


8 Reasons Why ECM Implementations Experience High Failure Rates, and What To Do About It?

May 18, 2010

For better or worse, I have been in the ECM industry for over a decade and a half. During this time, I have consistently seen opportunities for organizations to use ECM to bring about transformative value. But more often than not, ECM implementations fall short of the initial promise.

These so called failures are of three specific types:

  1. Failure to Garner Adoption: ECM implementations tend to have lower adoption rates compared to what was initially anticipated more than 50 percent of the time.
  2. Failure to Achieve Timeline Goals: ECM implementations tend to take much longer than originally planned.
  3. Failure to Stay within Budget: ECM implementations tend to miss the mark on staying within the initially agreed-upon budgets.

So the obvious question is: What are the key causes of such high failure rates? The other side of that question, of course, is: What can be done by organizations to avoid them? A more fundamental question is whether ECM is even worth pursuing, given the odds of success – which, for purposes of this discussion, I am going to assume is not worth debating, since many organizations have in fact been successful at it; it’s just that certain proactive measures that are critical to ensuring success need to be addressed. 

But before we do any of it, I think (more…)


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